Manage NFT Staking Allocation

The NFT allocation in this tab determines how much rewards each individual NFT will earn in staking relative to other NFTs. To do so, a list of NFTs and their assigned values must be launched through a contract which specifies each NFT worth.
To push the proposal, atleast 10% of weighted vote(through locked stakes) must be allocated towards the proposals. Once votes are allocated, there is a transition period of 7days during which the proposal can be REJECTED if more than 50% of the voters disagree.
Unless rejected, the proposal can be enforced and NFTs staked in the pool. Each NFT receives a share of the rewards allocated to the NFT staking, depending on the allocation for the specific NFT and total shares(NFTs) in the pool.
The proposed contract is effectively just a list, a "spreadsheet" that tells how much each NFT is worth.
The interface for interacting with the proposed contract must be as follows; function nftAllocation(address _tokenAddress, uint256 _tokenID) external view returns (uint256);
Upon call, the proposed contract returns the assigned value of the NFT(which will determine the share of the rewards the NFT will receive);

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