Locked(Staked) vs liquid XPD Token Supply (Show all)

The percentage of tokens locked inside time-deposit staking pools versus liquid(non-staked) token supply

Current Annual Percentage Yield(in XPD)

Average APY Earnings

  • 5 Year Deposit:
  • 3 Year Deposit:
  • 1 Year Deposit:
  • 6 Month Deposit:
  • 3 Month Deposit:
  • 1 Month Deposit:
Time Deposit Distribution

Distribution of XPD staked accross various time deposit options.

PulseDAO: Key Features

Mining: Blockchain CD

  • Mine rewards using your PulseDAO Currency(XPD)
  • Longer pays better and gives more influence
  • Miners get paid to secure and govern the network

  • PulseChain Rewards

  • Stake PulseChain, PulseX, Incentive, Hex or T-Shares
  • Earn PulseDAO(XPD) time deposits
  • Reward Allocation is managed through DAO

  • Treasury

  • Long Term Miners control the treasury
  • Community can vote on how to allocate treasury funds, which can be used to support a variety of projects and initiatives for PUBLIC GOOD of PulseChain Network

  • Oracles

  • Regulate the system in real time
  • Use PulseDAO tokens to govern the decentralized protocol
  • Auction based system that reflects real-time sentiment onto the blockchain

  • Governance

  • Long term miners control the protocol
  • Senate prevents large token holders from gaining control
  • Ability to adapt in decentralized manner

  • Deflation & Token Burns

  • Burn Tokens From The Governing contract
  • Perform Buy-Back & Burns (Requires treasury sheet. Only in liquidity crisis events to preserve system health!)

  • Empowering the Pulsechain Ecosystem
    Earn PulseDAO time deposits(CDs)

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